What is Border0

Easy and Secure Access to Your Infrastructure & Services using your SSO credentials

Border0 allows users to log in to web, SSH, Database, and generic TCP services using their existing Single Sign On (SSO) credentials.
Using our flexible policy language, an administrator can define who (identity) should have access to what resources, when (time-based), and from where (countries and IP addresses).
Services made available through Border0 can be in a private VPC, behind strict firewalls, or even behind NAT.
With Border0, users eliminate the need for VPNs. And it solves the problem of long-lived SSH keys, shared database credentials, or authenticated access to internal web applications.


Distributed by Default Programmable by Design

We operate a globally distributed, fault-tolerant, performant, and secure service, so you don't have to. Our service is programmable by design, not an afterthought or roadmapped item.

Decrease Friction - Increase Security

Today's VPN and other legacy access solutions are cumbersome and unreliable and add so much friction into engineers' and practitioners' workflow that they often circumvent them, leaving companies less secure and compliant. Our goal is to remove that friction with a powerful, easy-to-use remote access solution that combines access, security, and compliance. SSH, Database, HTTP(S), TLS : we got you covered all with your centralized identity.

Minimize Threat Surface - Maximize Manageability

Semi-annual large-scale vulnerabilities are the rule, not the exception, these days. Your users are remote, and they need access. The answer today is that companies make private resources public but add authentication as the primary security mechanism. The challenge is that this leaves those resources vulnerable to known and unknown exploits.
Border0 lets you keep your private resources private and only available to your users based on your identities.

Increase Compliance - Dev Flexibility

Auditing of access is critical to every security control and compliance standard. However, legacy systems are often based on ports and protocols, missing deep details.
Border0 provides application level proxy services and performs identity-based details along with complete session auditing and even replaying of sessions where applicable.