Google Directory Service

The Google (workspace) directory service integration is one of our most popular. Once integrated, Border0 will periodically (~15m) synchronize your Border0 account's users and groups with those in your Google environment.

Integration Instructions

  • [1] Select "Team" from the Border0 menu (left-side pane) on the Portal
  • [2] Select "Directory Services" from the Organization Settings page
  • [3] In this page you will find a table where each row represents a directory service. Click on the "+ Add Directory Service" button
  • [4] Select the Google Directory option
Steps 1-4 to create a new Google directory service

Steps 1-4 to Create a New Google Directory Service

  • [5] Give your new directory service a name
  • [6] Click the "Sign in with Google to authorize Sync" button (this will take you to a Google-managed page to authorize Border0 to read users, groups, and group memberships from your Google environment)
Steps 5-6 to create a new Google directory service

Steps 5-6 to Create a New Google Directory Service

Google OAuth 2.0 Authorization Flow

Google OAuth 2.0 Authorization Flow

Once you authorize the Border0 Google OAuth 2.0 application, you will be redirected back to Border0 and you will be able to see how many users/groups exist in your Google environment and the state of the synchronization.

Google Directory Service Example

Steps to Edit a Google Directory Service

Selective Imports

It is likely you have more users and/or groups in your Google environment than you actually wish to import into Border0. Border0 allows you to selectively import specific users and/or groups such that only the desired data is synchronized.

To enable/disable and modify selective import settings from the directory service page, you should:

  • [1] Click on the "+ Actions" button
  • [2] Choose the "edit" option from the dropdown
Edit Google directory service instructions

Edit Google Directory Service Instructions

From this page you may toggle "Selective User Import" and/or "Selective Group Import" and select which specific users and/or groups you wish to be imported to Border0.

Edit Page Overview

Edit Google Directory Service Page Overview