Identity Providers Overview

Identity-based access to resources and services is at the core of Border0's offerings. We aim to offer flexible and extensible integrations with all major identity provider types and strategies.


Upon creating a new Border0 organization, users (socket clients) of that organization will be able to authenticate with either their Google or GitHub accounts (i.e. Google account email or GitHub username).


Border0 user authentication page exhibiting the global providers Google and Github

Google and GitHub here are what we refer to as global identity providers and new organizations have all all global providers enabled (for user authentication).

Customers with a premium subscription are able to, not only enable and disable the global identity providers for their organization at-will, but are also able to add (and manage) custom identity providers including:

  • Generic OIDC (OpenID Connect 1.0)
  • Generic SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) [note: SP-initiated only]
  • Okta Workforce
  • Google Workspace


Toggling global identity providers and integrating with custom identity providers are premium features. If you need a premium subscription or would like to learn more, kindly shoot us an email at [email protected]


Find something lacking or confusing? Not happy with our selection of identity provider integrations?

We take customer feedback very seriously - shoot us an email at [email protected].