Updating a Custom Identity Provider


Integrating with custom identity providers is a premium feature. If you need a premium subscription or would like to learn more, kindly shoot us an email at [email protected]

You may have made a mistake while configuring a new identity provider, you want to rotate credentials, or you may simply want a cooler logo for your identity provider! Whatever the reason, making changes to your existing identity provider configuration is possible.

Portal Instructions

  • [1] Select "Organization Settings" from the Border0 menu (left-side pane) on the Portal
  • [2] Select "Identity Providers" from the Organization Settings page
  • [3] In this page you will find a table where each row represents an identity provider. Click on the ... button on the row of the IDP you wish to update
  • [4] Click on "Settings"

You will be taken to the identity provider's settings page where you can modify fields and save your changes.


Steps to update the configuration of a custom identity provider

CLI Instructions

Once you've gathered the necessary parameters, you can update an identity provider using the subcommand of border0 organization idp update appropriate for your identity provider type, e.g. one of:

  • border0 organization idp update oidc
  • border0 organization idp update saml
  • border0 organization idp update okta-workforce
  • border0 organization idp update google-workspace

The only required argument of the update command is --name, which uniquely identifies the identity provider you wish to update/modify.

Only defined arguments will be updated.


$ border0 organization idp update saml \
	--name CorpAuth
	--logo-url https://purepng.com/public/uploads/large/dwayne-johnson-the-rock-hbz.png

Identity provider "CorpAuth" successfully updated!