Describing a Custom Identity Provider

You can verify the configuration parameters of your custom identity providers at any time. Below are instructions on achieving this with both the Border0 Portal and the Border0 CLI.

Portal Instructions

  • [1] Select "Organization Settings" from the Border0 menu (left-side pane) on the Portal
  • [2] Select "Identity Providers" from the Organization Settings page
  • [3] In this page you will find a table where each row represents an identity provider. Click on the ... button on the row of the IDP you wish to update
  • [4] Click on "Settings"

You will be taken to the identity provider's settings page where you can verify fields, or even make modifications.


Steps to describe the configuration of a custom identity provider

CLI Instructions

To describe an identity provider from the command line, you may use the Border0 CLI command border0 organization idp show. The only argument of this command is the --name flag, which uniquely identifies an identity provider for your organization.


$ border0 organization idp show --name MyGoogleWorkspace

| Name                    | MyGoogleWorkspace                                                        |
| Display Name            | My Company Auth                                                          |
| Type                    | google-workspace                                                         |
| Enabled                 | true                                                                    |
| Logo URL                |                     |
| Google Workspace Domain |                                                          |
| Client ID               | |
| Client Secret           | 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                                      |

Example (With JSON Output)

$ border0 organization idp show --name MyGoogleWorkspace --json | jq
  "name": "MyGoogleWorkspace",
  "display_name": "My Company Auth",
  "type": "google-workspace",
  "enabled": true,
  "logo_url": "",
  "google_workspace_configuration": {
    "google_workspace_domain": "",
    "client_id": "",
    "client_secret": "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"