Web Portal

The Sockets section can be found in the left-hand menu bar. Or directly using this URL https://portal.mysocket.io/mysockets
You can find all your sockets there and manage them.

Creating a new Socket

Start by clicking the yellow "New" button on the top of the sockets page.
You'll be asked to select a specific socket type, we will use HTTP

You'll be asked to give the Name. The name needs to be unique in your organisation.

For your first socket we can leave other setting as they are but please feel free to explore them further.


Deleting existing sockets

To delete a socket in all sockets view, navigate to the right side of the socket listing and use the socket specific action menu


Alternatively, the same action is available form the socket details page as well.
To navigate to sockets details simply select the desired socket and use the "+ Action" button