Create an Account

Yah Let's get started!

To get started with need two things

  1. Create an account
  2. Download the Border0 client software.
  3. Install the CLI (Command Line Interface) (Optional)

Don't worry, this is easy, we'll walk through it together.

1: Create an account using your favourite cloud provider

Visit the border0 portal and sign-up with your Google or Github account (recommended).
Or create an account with your email and password.


Congrats! you've created your account. You are the account owner, and as part of the sign-up we've created a "organization" for you. If you'd like you can now also invite other administrators to this organization.

2: Download Border0 client

To interact with the Border0, you need the Border0 client. We have two types of clients, the cli client and a desktop app. Both are available for all major OS'. Note that the desktop app has the cli client bundled with it, so you get both if you install the desktop app.

Download the Border0 client from our download page

What’s Next

Congrats! you've now created an account and have our tools installed! Let's create your first Border0 service 🚀