Network Discovery Plugin

Network Discovery Plugin

This plugin aims to discover resources on the configured network interfaces or segments (subnets) and potentially additional subnets.

The YAML configuration, unlike AWS, does not require any datacenter variables. Labels format and configuration is the same for Docker containers as for EC2

1. Create plugin specific “network_plugin” section containing our discovery group name.
   - group: network_plugin
     policies: [my-network-plugin-policy]
2. Define interfaces and ports to scan for, optionally we can define additional routed subnets which are not directly attached(make sure your firewall allows for connectivity).
     - my lan0:
        interfaces: [ eth0 ]
        ports: [ 80, 443, 3306 ]
     - my_routed net0:
        interfaces: [ none ]
        subnets: [ ]
        ports: [ 22, 80, 443, 3306 ]

Please see the Full configuration template a the bottom of the document

WARNING: Each /24 subnet contains 254 usable hosts, a 3 ports “[ 80, 443, 3306 ]” scan will generate at least 768 (256 * 3) number of packets being sent from the connector to the subnet. Be sure to account for that in your networking infrastructure configuration setup